Make and Manufacturer Cryogenic
Related Manuals Calibration of the magnetometer with yttrium-iron-garnet, performed on 24 June 2016
Brief instructions on preparing and mounting the sample for resistivity measurement in the VSM system
Contact Person Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar


Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) at SBASSE, LUMS is the Cryogen-Free High Field Measurement System combines the latest cryogen-free technology with sophisticated measurement techniques; providing a versatile, powerful investigative device achieving low temperatures (1K) and high magnetic fields (up to 7 Tesla). A number of probes that may be used with the basic cryogen-free High Field Measurement System and so extend its capabilities.

Different measurements that are possible include:

  • measurement of magnetic moment by vibrating sample
  • heat-capacity measurement by ac calorimetry
  • resistivity and magneto-transport
  • Seebeck effect and thermal transport
  • Hall effect measurement
  • ac susceptibility


VSM Demonstration