Students from Syedanwala Higher Secondary School visited the Physlab on Monday 10th April 2017. It was a one-day experiential journey through Physlab’s exciting modes of vivid class demonstrations, lecture series, and hands-on practical work.img_5978

The students, primarily from the first year intermediate, and their teachers, brimmed with excitement seeing the demonstrations of concepts of charge and electricity, laser generated mathematical patterns and the skill of performing physical experiments with a camera.

This was followed by a guided tour through the advanced physics labs, in particular, the scanning electron microscope (SEM) and physical properties measurement machines. Students were given the mind-boggling view of brain tissue through the SEM.
Finally, participants were divided into groups and delved into real experiments. For example, they used timing devices to measure oscillations of a pendulum, observed the mechanism of crater formation on planets and the moon, observed resonance modes on taut strings and studied the dynamics of water discharge from an emptying cylinder.

In summary, it was an effort to encourage students to experience the joy of building and performing experiments and revealing that physics is not a discipline buried in dry books. It is alive!

The Syedanwala Higher Secondary School for girls in Kasur has well-equipped labs, a committed teaching faculty, and an inspiring academic environment. The Syed Babar Ali Foundation is providing residents access to affordable world-class high-quality education. The Physlab and its team comprising Azeem Iqbal, Umar Hassan and Obaidullah, led by Dr. Sabieh Anwar are also delightfully playing a part in enthusing a passion for science within the girls at the school.

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